This may be (and probably is) documented elsewhere, but I just stumbled upon it today and my world as I know it has changed. /s

CrackMapExec has been a goto tool for me, but the one thing that bothers had bothered me in the past is using screenshots of CME in a report, but having to explain to a client what “Pwn3d!” meant. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it looks a bit unprofessional (imho) in a report.

Enter the config file modification…so apparently you can modify “Pwn3d!” to a word choice of your choosing. A teammate suggested “F’d in the A” that while perhaps accurate, won’t work well in the report. Anyhow…here’s the good stuff…

Modify the following file:


From this:

[CME] workspace = default
last_used_db = smb
pwn3d_label = Pwn3d!

To this (or whatever you’d like to use):

[CME] workspace = default
last_used_db = smb
pwn3d_label = ADMIN


Either way, thanks Marcello for developing CME…it’s a great little gadget.